How's My Driving Concrit Meme (hmd_meme) wrote,
How's My Driving Concrit Meme

Concrit Post 5

How's My Driving?

∞ comment with all the journals you RP with (and the communities they're from).
∞ reply to other people's comments (anon or logged in) with constructive criticism
∞ learn from the suggestions and profit!

► play nice! flaming will not be tolerated, and threads with such will be deleted. Save the wank for rp_anonmeme/roleplaysecrets!
► IP addresses are not logged, but will be if flaming becomes an issue.
► if you leave your usernames, please give other people concrit! everybody wants help as much as you do!
► save the circle-jerking love and praise for rp_love_meme. if you wish to give praise, give reasons why!
► profit!


This time around, IP logging has been disabled once more. However, we're not babysitters - be mature. If you're going to flame anyone, especially regarding OOC matters, then don't bother commenting. If I catch it, the comments will be screened, IP logging will be enabled, and there will be no further posts until everyone can grow up and act decent towards each other. We're here to help, not to hurt! We're not the anon meme, nor do we want to be.

If anyone sees signs of being wanked/personally attacked/improper conduct, please post a link to the thread HERE. All comments are screens and will be attended to as soon as possible.

Thanks guys! Crit away!
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