How's My Driving Concrit Meme (hmd_meme) wrote,
How's My Driving Concrit Meme

Concrit Post 2

How's My Driving?

∞ comment with all the journals you RP with (and the communities they're from).
∞ reply to other people's comments (anon or logged in) with constructive criticism
∞ learn from the suggestions and profit!

► play nice! flaming will not be tolerated, and threads with such will be deleted
► IP addresses are not logged, but will be if flaming becomes an issue
► if you leave your usernames, please give other people concrit! everybody wants help as much as you do!
► save the circle-jerking love and praise for rp_love_meme/praiserp. if you wish to give praise, give reasons why!
► profit!


We plan on doing these once a month for those who strive to improve (or are worried), and those who've picked up new characters since the last post! Please feel free to leave and complains and/or feedback in this post!
Tags: !concrit
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